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Mount Muhabura Volcano

This inactive volcano straddles between Rwanda and Uganda and is proud to be the third highest of all the eight mountains that make up the Virunga Massif. According to some sources, the mountain last erupted in the Holocene era but the exact date remains unknown.

Uniqueness of the mountain

The mountain has a small but beautiful crater lake at its summit. This crater of about 40 metres and a spacious saddle connects mount Muhabura to Mount Gahinga.

It is the steepest of all eight mountains that make up the Virungas but it is a surprise that it can be hiked to and fro in just one day.

Besides the awe-inspiring scenery of other volcanoes and the surrounding that tourists are blessed with while on the mountain’s summit, they get concealed in the beauty offered by the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera in the vicinity.

Hiking Mount. Muhabura.

Hiking mountain Muhabura is an exciting adventure that can be undertaken from both Uganda and Rwanda depending on the visitor’s choice and depending on the hiking pace, the activity takes around 5-6 hours.

The activity is flagged off with a pre-hiking briefing that starts at 7 o’clock in the morning where visitors are informed about the formation, history, what to expect while hiking, guidelines and tips of hiking Muhabura mountain. Muhabura hike is strenuous and it is divided up in to two stops where one is gotten at 3,116 metres / 10, 223 feet above sea level and most people prefer ending their hikes at the first ranger station.

Among the victorious climbers are those that endure the stagy terrain to the second hut that is found at 3855metres / 12648 feet above sea level. The most victorious of all hikers are those that make it to the cold summit of the mountain as a lot break off at the first hut and another on the second hut. While at the summit, catching sight of the crater lake, twin lakes and other volcanoes cannot be missed by hikers before they are thrilled enough to descend back and tell stories about their amazing experience up hill.

How much it costs to hike mount Muhabura?

The permits of hiking mount Muhabura cost $75 per person for foreigners and 50,000 UGX for nationals. Permits can be obtained any time including the same day of hiking. The price does not include the costs of hiring porters, transportation, accommodation or any extra service that the visitor might wish to get.

Other attractions and activities around Mount Muhabura.

Mountain gorillas.

After climbers get over joyed by the views that the mountain offers, they get an opportunity to be dazzled by the creatures that the mountains keep secrets of. Mountain gorillas as the name suggest are strong apes that are fascinated by expeditions through thick forests and mountains. In both the volcanoes and Mgahinga national parks, visitors will be amazed by the lives these human relatives spend with their families.

Golden monkeys.

Because gold meets silver in Mgahinga national park, visitors get lost in the amazing views of bamboo plantations and tree branches trembling as these beauty pageants are spotted in the air bouncing up and back to the trees with their magnificent beauty of the golden brown striking bright as the sun light strikes them. These can be spotted by trekkers who choose to hike Muhabura from Uganda in Mgahinga national park or Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.


While in the Virungas or Mgahinga national park, visitors get a chance to view a wide variety of animals that are kept in these parks along with endangered mountain gorillas. Travelers get to spot animals like red tailed monkeys, patas monkeys, golden cats, forest hogs, elephants, black and white colobus monkeys, bushbucks, geckos, chameleons during their hike to the summit of Muhabura or nature walks.


Home of bats and insects currently, the Garama cave is haunted by the history of its former inhabitants before they were excluded from the park premises. In the pre-historic era, Garama caves were inhabited by pygmy Batwa and they used it as a council chamber and a retreat area after raiding their neighbors. Local guides are always eager to narrate to visitors how the Batwa people survived, made attacks with a strong base that originated from this cave.

Tourist activities in and around Mount Muhabura.

Guided nature walks.

A guided nature walk in the park starts from Ntebeko briefing station, but there is a viewing platform that is about 800m from the park’s gate. This activity gets tourists walk around the park at their pace while getting the beautiful surrounding views that they steal from the surrounding hills, thick forests, wildlife, Batwa homesteads among others.

Bird watching.

Mgahinga National Park has a record of about 79 bird species, some of which are endemic to the East Congo Montane region. The Virunga region is on a blast with over 295 species that are endemic to Albertine Rift region which offers a good birding area.

Birding enthusiasts shouldn’t miss coming with a pair of binoculars to get amazing views from birds like grey capped warbler, waxbills, yellow – vented bulbul, Ibis, whydah among others.

Batwa trail experience.

The Batwa guides gladly enjoy walking around with tourists to give them an insight of their previous traditional forest life that was long lost but not forgotten. Batwa guides will explain and showcase their hunting tools, skills, ways of gathering honey, how to make medicine from plants, make bamboo cups among others and they are taken to the Garama cave as well, which was once a home of their king. Visitors shouldn’t miss taking part in the cultural dances that are performed by Batwa women and any other traditional activity that intrigues them.

When to hike mount Muhabura?

Muhavura in Uganda and Muhabura in Rwanda can be hiked year in and out but its best hiked during dry months – from June to early October and December through to late February as the hiking trails are not slippery and filled with mud which usually strains visitors and reduces their trekking speed.

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