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Your Number 1 Gorilla Trekking Safari Company & Tour Operator for Uganda, Rwanda & DR Congo in Africa

Searching for a reliable gorilla safari company, tour operator or travel agency for your next safari to Uganda, Rwanda, Congo or any other East African safari country? Do you want to deal with one of the best tour companies in Uganda & East Africa? We can be the best gorilla trekking company and safari company to organize for you a memorable safari; like we’ve always done in the past.

You can check out our 50+ excellent traveler reviews here, see where we come from and why we should be your Uganda tour operators, Rwanda tour operators or African safari operators.

With our experience, innovation, flexibility and dynamic minds, we are ready to organize for you a lifetime safari to Africa at the best bargain prices. We are one of the highly innovative tours and travel companies in Uganda.

Why we should be your best gorilla trekking company choice

Much as we organize all kinds of safaris in Africa (particularly East Africa), we are primarily a gorilla trekking company that specializes more in organizing gorilla trips within Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

Because of this, we have had to think of many awesome ways of making our gorilla tours and safaris stand out from the rest, become more affordable and yet very unique and comfortable for travelers irrespective of whether they are budget, moderate or luxury clients.

Through various partnerships and research, this is something we have managed to achieve through the years and clients appreciate it. If you read through our TripAdvisor reviews, you’ll be able to clarify that we might be your best gorilla trekking company in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo in Africa.

Highly innovative Uganda tour operators & Rwanda tour operators

Tourism is a very dynamic industry that requires great innovation and capacity to adapt to various trends that keep coming up. You’ve got to make travel feel new, unique, different and yet very enjoyable every time, especially for clients who come back to visit the same country and engage in the same activities with a company.

Because of the dynamic nature of the industry, we are always on the look out to come up with great new ideas that helps us adapt and offer unique tailored experiences each time with an ultimate goal of great customer satisfaction, service and value for money.

Over 7 years hard-earned experience in organizing awesome Uganda tours and safaris in Rwanda and East Africa

They say you should choose a tour operator that has been there before. We can truly attest to this because the journey of breaking the odds to stay operational in the industry for over seven years, surviving the worst 2 years of travel due to Covid-19 and keep operational not only shows a sign of resistance and capacity, but also great management, passion and adaptation.

We love tourism and it has been our life. All our travel consultants are not only consultants but ardent travelers as well. They’ve been to all the destinations you are bound to visit and keep traveling there to keep updated of what is on ground. With Magical, you are dealing with experienced travelers who will tailor a package, price it and give advice from a traveler’s perspective.

Book your Uganda tours and safaris in Rwanda with us and you won’t have no regrets. We are undoubtedly one of the best tour and travel companies in Uganda.

The Uganda safari company for budget, moderate & luxury trips

Irrespective of your budget, we have several arrangements in place allows us to organize budget, moderate and luxury safaris within East Africa. For budget travelers, we offer very comfortable accommodation, transportation and other services. This is possible because of various partnerships we have with accommodation facilities that affords us their services at highly discounted rates.

Moderate level travelers get to enjoy semi-luxury accommodation facilities and services for a standard price because of the same partnerships we have in place. With such arrangements, travel always becomes better and value for money is easily seen and realized. This is exactly what we want to do; offer you more for less.

We are the Uganda safari company for budget, mid-range and luxury trips.

We organize some of the best gorilla trekking tours

Want to know how we have managed to organize some of the best gorilla trekking tours in Africa? Our gorilla trekking packages are carefully tailored by African safari experts while considering travelers in their mind. We basically tailor packages and experience them as a team before we make them publicly accessible on our website and because of this, we have managed to have very unique and competitive itineraries online.

After choosing any of our gorilla trekking packages, you can go ahead and inquire with us. We shall revert to you with the detailed pricing plus itinerary plan and advise where necessary. We shall also work hand in hand with you to customize the package to your ultimate comfort and acceptance.

Magical among the tour companies in Kampala

Kampala City in Uganda was our very first home; where everything began; basically where our first stride into the African tourism industry was taken from. Because of this, Kampala remains our base office to date despite having offices in Rwanda and Tanzania as well. We are among the tour companies in Kampala that have made travel better and simpler.

We are located at Universal Moonlight Apartments at Spine Road in Naalya. So just in case you are searching for a reliable list of tour and travel companies in Uganda, do not hesitate to pass by our offices. We are one of those tour and travel companies in Kampala that has great offers and discounts for first-time travelers.

Magical Gorilla Adventures as Kigali tour operators

Rwanda was our next base; and someday, we aim to the best tour company in Rwanda. Due to the high influx of travelers to Rwanda and DR Congo, we had to expand our company and operations among Kigali tour operators to be able to easily reach out to tour Rwanda and DR Congo clients. This was to also make it easier for us to coordinate inter country trips with ease.

So anytime you are searching for a reliable tour company in Rwanda, you can visit our offices at God is Able House for a quick chat. We can discuss options and give you real-time advice regarding any Rwanda safari activity you want to experience.

What puts us among the top 10 tour operators in Uganda & Rwanda

Want to know what puts us among the top 10 tour operators in Uganda & Rwanda? Creativity, innovation, adaptation to change, trust and honesty, integrity and flexibility are at the center of what we do. We are good one day and perfect the next. This is what we have challenged ourselves to; getting better each and every day regardless of our experience, expertise and knowledge.

Despite spending 7 plus years in the industry, we have managed to get over 50 excellent travel reviews. Over 98% of our clients recommend us and think we are cool. Majority of them like how fast we communicate through the planning process and how we plan our itineraries.

The best gorilla safari company for last minute trips

Sometimes it can be really hard to pull off last minute gorilla trekking safaris, especially in the high season of the Uganda Tourism Industry. With us, we go an extra mile to ensure everything falls into plan irrespective of the season you are traveling in or country you are visiting.

For some many years, we have organized so many last minute gorilla safaris for various clients and complimented their trips with high discounts and offers. We are willing to do the same for you regardless of how soon your safari is. Get in touch with us through email and our reservations team will revert accordingly.

Proud gorilla trekking experts

We have mastered the art of successful and enjoyable gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda plus Congo in Africa. The experience we have gathered through the years help us determine which country is best for a client, which gorilla family is convenient for them and what trekking time is perfect too.

We always try to make your gorilla trekking experience as simple as it can get but very enjoyable. However, clients that want more complicated trekking adventures are also planned for accordingly. As experts for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo in Africa, we always ensure clients get ultimate satisfaction and service from their gorilla trips.

Why we stand out from the Uganda tour operators list

Besides communication, we are very unique and experienced. However, experience is one thing, but creativity and innovation is second to none. We always try to reward our clients with the best experience they never expected. On some occasions, we propose unique safari activities and destinations that are less common but more appreciated. We shall create our own experience out of a destination; something you’ll hardly expect during the planning process.

We also donate a small percentage of our profits to support single mothers in local tourism communities in various initiatives including environmental conservation. When you book a safari with us, you are indirectly giving back to the gorillas, the locals and the tourism environment.

The next-level gorilla trekking agency

Any travel company that lives up to change and is willing to adapt is definitely one for the future. Regardless of whatever trends that come into the industry, Magical Gorilla Adventures will also adapt to that and live up to expectations. This is why we consider ourselves the next-level gorilla trekking agency.

So how exactly do we achieve this? We know there is always room for improvement and have occasionally upgraded ourselves irrespective of our years of experience and knowledge. We often organize tourism clinics within the organization and assess our adaptation to current industry trends, then see where we need to make an upgrade or adjustment to prevent ourselves from being left out in the past.

We shall offer you that gorilla trip you have in mind at highly discounted and unbelievable rates.

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Why Choose Us for Your Gorilla Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda?

Arranging exceptional gorilla tour experiences in Uganda or Rwanda and unforgettable African safari vacations is in our DNA. Book a trip with us and let us demonstrate it to you!

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About our gorilla safari company

Our company is based in Uganda and Rwanda and specializes in organizing gorilla trips to various countries across East Africa.

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Why book gorilla safaris with us

We provide competitive pricing and flexible booking terms for all of our gorilla safari packages and wildlife safaris.

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What Magical promises you

We are committed to delivering the best service possible and ensuring that your trip goes exactly as planned, if not even better.

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What we commit to and value

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and providing unparalleled service in the industry.

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We give back to a cause

We have been supporting single mothers in local tourism communities for years by allocating a small percentage of our profits towards their welfare.

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How Magical works

To provide exceptional service, we must ensure that our processes are consistent and efficient.

We hear you out

We shall carefully listen to all your queries, work out a few options and discuss it over with our team.

We suggest

We shall then share the options with you and make suggestions where need be and carefully listen to what you suggest.

We tentatively reserve

We shall tentatively hold your safari while we discuss out any changes that you want to make on the package.

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